This weeks digital campaign chatter #14

Campaigns from Pedigree and Listerine this week, as well as the launch of the Orange Glastonbury 2011 app. Fun, fun, fun!

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1. Pedigree (New Zealand) – Doggelganger

Mars owned pet food brand, Pedigree, have launched a fantastic digital app and microsite this week for New Zealand as part of their Adoption Drive – a global initiative aimed at getting more people to adopt dogs from shelters. I say ‘app’ as opposed to campaign, as I am not sure if there is anything else around it. I’ve seen no evidence of it anywhere else online in the form of Facebook pages or advertising, but that’s not to say that it isn’t (hopefully) part of a bigger drive.

Working with the idea that people and their pets often look alike (allegedly!), the nicely designed application allows you to either use your webcam, or upload an image of yourself, which will then be matched with your doggy-double taken from a database of pooch-pics of dogs in shelters across New Zealand.

It seems I look like a Staffordshire bull terrier (not sure I’m happy about that!).

The idea itself is fantastic, but not new – The Shelter Pet Project in the US used the same ‘matching’ idea just a few months ago.

Truth is, this is such a fun thing to do! The 80’s sci-fi computer interface design (complete with computer voiceover effect) is quirky but relatively easy to use, and links you nicely into contact forms if you are genuinely interested in adopting as well as more information about the overall Adoption Drive.

What it doesn’t do, however, is allow you to share your results, and therefore the campaign, with any social tools? Very strange that they should omit such a fantastic opportunity to spread the message even more. There is also no sign of it on their main site homepage or even the Adoption Drive website for NZ too, which is a real shame – lots of opportunities to integrate it more with what they are doing elsewhere.

2. Listerine – Mouth vs Life

Listerine claim that they are the first to launch an ‘interactive’ You Tube video campaign with their latest Mouth vs Life promotion. Whilst I’m not so sure about that (I can think of a couple of others who have done a similar thing – Desperados for one), what they have created is quite good fun to watch and certainly gets their message across!

It’s nothing complicated – they have simply created a bunch of different small videos which display what the mouth goes through in different situations, such as when you chew, lick or eat things. The only difference is that the user can personalise it by selecting the scenarios which they want to see, and can view it in one video.

Not sure how ‘politically correct’ their choice of actors is……

It’s really nice to see a company thinking about how they could possibly do things a little differently with regards video and YouTube. HOWEVER, as with the Pedigree Doggelganger campaign, they have totally missed an opportunity by lack of integration into their other digital channels. No mention of it on their main website. No mention of it on Facebook. I’m guessing that online-offline campaign integration was also far from on their minds! What this shows is a lack of strategic thinking – another bolt-on campaign, which whilst it may help with their general messaging (use mouthwash – it kills germs and is good for your mouth!) does little to take into account a longer term digital strategy.

One other small point – it cuts off half the video if you’re using Firefox. Some basic browser testing needed perhaps?

3. Orange (UK) – Glastonbury 2011 App

For those of you brave enough to face the festival toilets this year and head to the biggest summer music event in the UK (and arguably, Europe), the free Glastonbury 2011 App by Orange is a MUST.

You can see that Orange have really thought things through, with options to plan which bands you are going to see, find out who is on ‘now and next’ at all the stages, keep up with the latest festival news, as well as generally just find out how to get to places you want to go to with a simple map!

There is a competition attached to the app also, offering you the chance to watch bands from backstage during the event. Nice touch. It seems that they will also have 3 all-important charging stations (‘chill and charge’) available at the event, otherwise they may as well have only covered the first day!

This all fits really nicely with their ‘Rockcorps’ CSR and ‘down with the kids’ brand messaging, and is available to download for all phone types from their own website as well as the usual suspects.

Oh, and good job on the launch video too!


This weeks digital campaign chatter #12

Real mixed-bag this week! Looking at campaigns from Visa focusing on holidays and fun, ‘Secret Society’ games from Dr Pepper, and the digital launch of the True Blood series 3 DVD. Enjoy!

1. Visa – Memory mapper

As we approach the traditional holiday season, Visa have launched an integrated campaign aimed specifically at people who enjoy to travel, which incorporates TV, digital and social media. The most interesting aspect of the campaign (in my view), is the Facebook application  – Memory Mapper.

With an integration to Google maps, the user can create their own visual ‘memories’ relating to a trip by uploading photos, video, songs, stories etc. to a specific place in the World, and then opt to share it with friends using Facebook and Twitter.

Nice concept – everyone loves to share their holiday memories! I like the social element, and the interface looks great and is really simple to use. I’m not sure how much it would make me use my Visa card more, but then I guess it’s the brand association with ‘fun and the sun (or snow!)’ which is important. You can access their latest partner offers via the app also – a nice little extra which helps to introduce some of the added benefits of being a Visacard holder.

It’s interesting to see people starting to use the tool for events other than holidays – perhaps calling for something a little more ‘joined-up’ from the Facebook offering of location and sharing tools?

2. Dr Pepper – Pepperhood

As their famous brand slogan goes “what’s the worst that can happen?” – well, setting a launch date for their new online game/competition of the 25th May, but not updating the Facebook placeholder (teaser) on that date could come close (in digital marketing terms only, of course!). When I checked on the 26th it was still ‘coming soon’ and directing you to the campaign microsite to sign up. Lets hope it’s just some teething problems….

So, what’s it all about? With the opportunity to win lots of prizes (including Pepperhood sweatshirts and games), and the ultimate prize of appearing on MTV later on in the year as the overall winner, Coke has decided to explore the slogan of its popular Dr Peppers brand, and set a series of online challenges which you need to overcome in order to be initiated into a (not so secret) ‘secret society’.

You can earn badges – and therefore the opportunity to win prizes – along the way. The real stroke of genius is in the last of the 10 challenges, which asks you to use your social networks and contacts in a kind of ‘school presidential election’ to gain the most votes (and therefore drive the most people to the campaign).

I am quite obviously not the target customer group for this campaign, so found some of the games (or ‘challenges’) quite irritating. However, overall it seems like a well thought out and produced digital effort, with strong links into social (viral) messaging and some nice incentives to take part.

First question of the initiation was how often do you drink Dr Pepper. My ‘never’ was rewarded with a coupon for a free bottle so that I could try it out. Nice touch. Difficult to say how much of this type of ‘rewarding’ and product-pushing is integrated through the whole thing, as I got fed up after I’d earned the first badge and ducked out. Like I said though, I am quite obviously NOT the target customer group…..

3. True Blood – Dig Deeper

If, like me, you loved series 3 of this popular US vampire show (much better than any Twilight-rubbish!), you may be interested to know that it is due to come out on DVD later on this month. Why talk about this on a digital marketing blog? Well, they have created a fantastic digital campaign around the launch, which encourages you to test your knowledge of the series and have an opportunity to win a True Blood-themed trip of a lifetime in the process.

Using a similar idea to Vodafones ‘Pixel Hunt’ campaign for their LG Optimus phone last year (featured in weekly chatter #10), users are encouraged to explore an image in order to find hidden clues. However, HBO have taken it even further and developed a full video ad for the DVD launch, which includes 60 hidden clues throughout. You can zoom, scroll, pause and play around with each frame on the dedicated microsite, in order to pick out and tag key people, objects and clues from series 3. It is VERY addictive – be warned!

It’s obviously aimed at people who have already watched the series, and what I find interesting is that whilst playing the game I was reminded of how great it was, as well as realising just how much I had forgotten – therefore giving me a bigger incentive to purchase.

There is also a connection with social media with the option to link to your Facebook account and share how well you are doing at finding the clues, or to tweet your progress instead. Good to see HBO sticking to their strengths – TV production – and using this in a really well-integrated digital campaign. If only they could close the gap a little more between when series 4 is shown in the US and when it is shown here in the UK. Having to wait an extra 6 months is just NOT FAIR!!

This weeks digital campaign chatter #11

1. Speedo – Unforgettable Swims

In an attempt to engage with consumers at a more emotional level, Speedo have just launched ‘Unforgettable Swims’ – a campaign which encourages you to share your stories of ‘favourite swims’. The integrated campaign will use digital as well as in-store and press ads, but will keep the website at its core.

Interestingly, the main Speedo UK website does not mention the campaign at all (at least, when I looked), but it is on the homepage of the international version of the site? Perhaps just an oversight. The use of Facebook also seems a little strange – with the campaign page only having 109 likes at the time I viewed, but the main Speedo International page having considerably more, and talking about the campaign just as much? Would have been a better idea to keep the one space, but integrate the campaign within it. Still, its early days yet, and this approach MAY work for them (although I’m not convinced!).

On the whole however, it’s a really nice idea. In the lead up to the Olympics, I can understand their approach and can see that making people think about swimming as an ‘experience’ as opposed to exercise (as I do!) or anything else, will no doubt have good results for them further down the line in this 3 year brand exercise. Kinda nice that they have not overtly pushed any of their products within the microsite either, which would have really put people off from the start.

2. Friskies – iPad app for cats

I think I’m gonna let the video do most of the talking about this ‘campaign’ (can you call it a campaign?).

When I first saw this, my first thought was” why would anyone let their cats paws anywhere near their iPad?!”, but actually, looking at all the publicity Purina have gained from this for their Friskies cat food brand, I think they may well have come up with a fantastic idea! Although looking at their Facebook page – which has miserably low ‘likes’ – it seems that they may have been better off putting more effort into online coupons (as that is what most of the posts seem to be asking for.)!

Check out for the full range of cat-tastic iPad fun!

This weeks digital campaign chatter #9

Back from a lovely Easter break, and straight into stories of weddings, chocolate and sunshine! Did you miss me?

1. The Times – Royal Wedding Souvenir App

Lovely souvenir plate or cup anyone?

Whilst they are by no means sitting alone in the Royal Wedding ‘bandwagon’, I was pleasantly surprised to see that The Times have taken a different approach to their usual souvenir supplement, and have also developed an iPad app for those who wish to remember the Royal couples ‘big day’.

As you would expect, there isn’t much in the way of interactivity and innovation – the main focus on the app being the content – however, the platform has allowed them to explore the history of the couple and the Royal family in a little more depth, giving much more background, video content and imagery than they would perhaps have invested in for a printed version.

As they say in their promotion video (above) “it won’t go yellow and curl at the corners” either! However, it is likely to get deleted accidentally or become obsolete as soon as the next big wave of technological advancements hits. I’m thinking of my VHS of the Live Aid event………

2. Cadburys Creme Egg – Goo Dares Wins

This multi-million pound integrated campaign, created by CMW,  launched early in the year as part of the Spots v Stripes initiative (see campaign chatter #3) and alongside the start of the Creme Egg ‘sales season’.

The most recent addition was a mobile app (launched in time for Easter!) which allowed you to choose and participate in various ‘dares’ that gave you points towards your chosen side of ‘spots’ or ‘stripes’, as well as the fame of uploading your efforts onto the main campaign website should you want to.The focus is obviously on ‘fun’, and the app reflects this with its spinnable ‘Dare Wheel’ and burping ringtones. You can also send a dare to a friend (it’s always more fun watching someone else do something stupid!) – nice and viral!

Creme Egg facemask anyone? Or fancy making a picture out of Creme Egg goo, dressing up as a fairy, or making a dance up with your mates in the middle of town for all to see and laugh at?

The campaign season finished on the 24th April, after Easter, but you can still access the content and have a laugh at some of the uploaded stunts on the campaign ‘headquarters’ website.

No results yet on how well the campaign did, but lets hope that it’s more successful for them than the overall Spots v Stripes initiative has been!

3. Budweiser – Ice Cold Index

If, like me, you’ve been enjoying the un-British sunny weather we’ve had over the past few weeks, you’ll appreciate the latest app by Budweiser which gives away free beer when the temperatures rise. Genius!

The Ice Cold Index App, developed by DDB UK, has links with over 2500 Bud-selling premises across Ireland, and should the temperature rise above 20 degrees, the app will give you a free pint at one of them.  You’ll also get money off vouchers if it doesn’t quite make 20, but is 16 or above – the hotter the day, the less you’ll pay!

Seems simple enough to use, and the overall response so far has been great (no doubt helped by the TV, print and point-of-sale support). So great infact, that at the time of writing this they have had to pull the app in order to sort out some serious server issues, even though the campaign doesn’t end until August! Not good.

Still, free (or cheap) beer is always worth waiting for!

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This weeks digital campaign chatter #8

Some of this weeks most talked about digital campaigns, including work from Orange, Kotex and Desperados.

1. Orange – Do Some Good

Sustainability and Social Responsibility seems to be ‘the thing’ at the moment, with lots of companies investing as much in their ‘green’ brand values as they do in their product and/or service ones.

However, it’s not very often that you come across campaigns which you think might actually DO something (and that don’t include pictures of wind turbines and dying polar bears!). So, it was with a slightly pessimistic mind that I downloaded and tried the new ‘Do Some Good’ mobile app developed by Orange (with a whole bunch of their charitable partner organisations) this week – but I loved it!

The idea of offering people ‘bite-sized’ volunteering opportunities which they can do from their phones and fit in at any time during their day, is great. The app itself is really simple to use, allowing  you to browse through the various tasks or choose from the type of activity you want to do – such as completing surveys which help charities to develop their messages, taking or uploading pictures which can be used royalty free by charitable organisations, locating and helping to ‘map’ outdoor spaces which people can enjoy and where kids can safely play, sharing an ‘urban oasis’ or even offering your language skills to help translate something useful.

The Orange Rockcorps Collective (the division behind this concept), will then reward you with music downloads or tickets to gigs once your ‘bite-sized’ activities add up to a total of 4 hours. Seems that The Collective also have a great website and Facebook page to showcase their mission and entice more people to join and share their volunteering experiences. No mention of the Do some Good app on there just yet, and no link to any other digital platforms from the app itself, but it’s early days and hopefully there will be more tie-ins further down the line.

I’ve already filled in a survey about my (non-existent) cycling habits and taken a few pics of the local beauty spots, so feel quite good about myself! You should give it a go!

2. Kotex – Ban the Bland

Crowdsourcing sanitary pad designs? This is where I lose my male readers……

Kotex have taken the brave step recently in the US to challenge the traditionally white and ‘sterile’ design of feminine hygiene products, and their latest campaign opens up the redesign to their consumers.

Using their online design tool, you can choose from various patterns, colours, brush effects and sizes, as well as various graphics – including the option to upload your own – to create either a pad or a tin design. Once you have completed your ‘masterpiece’ you can add it to the gallery where others can then ‘like’ your design (or not!). There is even the option to create a mood board for those who are really serious about winning the prize of designing the final products with leading fashion visionary, Patricia Field.

I’ve worked on a similar ‘design your own’ tool in the past, but for flooring, and know how difficult they can be to create – especially if they include an ‘upload your own image’ option and a gallery. It seems that Kotex have done a good job with theirs and it is fun to play around with.

It would have been good to see more of a link to social channels so that users could share their designs (and therefore the campaign) with their networks. Perhaps the option to replace your Facebook profile picture with your pad design? mmmm…on second thoughts,maybe not!

However, I did notice whilst looking into this that the Facebook page they run is actually really well managed even with the lack of a direct tie-in to their latest ‘push’. They do share the campaign – even if only via the wall – and respond quickly and intelligently to peoples questions and comments.

The campaign also includes a big investment in offline advertising, including TV, billboards and in-store, which is sure to drive people to the online tool. The brand are (not surprisingly) claiming interest so far has been very high.

3. Desperados – The Desperados Experience

I could not write my weekly round-up this week without including something about the amazing You Tube take-over by Desperados.

The Tequila-based alcohol brand have created an inspired interactive experience which asks the user to reveal their age (for legal reasons I guess), select if they want to party with men or women, and then invites them to ‘join the party’. You can then ‘break through the wall’ by using interactive ‘sliders’ in order to open out the standard video viewing area to a much larger and wilder ‘party’.

The TV ad version is below, but you really need to check out You Tube in order to see what a great job they have done of taking this concept and developing it for digital use. It no doubt involved detailing both offline and online requirements ahead of filming, in order to make use of the set, cast and props for all needs.

Good on them for thinking ahead! So many brands simply stick their TV ad on the web and expect it to work just as well and go viral, without truly thinking about the medium and planning ahead.

Out of interest, the brand also seem to be doing the ‘design by crowd’ thing on their website, where you can design your own bottle and accessories etc. Jumping on the crowdsourcing bandwagon? Why not!

This weeks digital campaign chatter #7

Here is my round-up of the most talked about digital campaigns from the past week.

1.GranataPet – Snack Check

This clever little integrated campaign by German pet food company, GranataPet, has created quite a buzz over the past week, mainly down to its ingenious use of Foursquare.

An ‘interactive’ billboard was placed near a high-dog-walking-traffic area, encouraging passers-by to ‘check in and snack out!’. By checking in via Foursquare to the billboard location, a remote server is notified and the billboard will dispense some dog food. They are hoping that the dogs will remember what happened and encourage their owners to visit the billboard again aka Pavlov’s dogs. WODM (word of dog mouth) perhaps?….(sorry, I’ll get my coat…)

Much more of a brand-awareness campaign than anything else, although according to GranataPet they did achieve a higher interest in the product in local stores.

It’s early days, and hopefully they are planning to benefit more from all the hype they have generated and roll out the campaign more online. As yet there isn’t much more to see – apart from a fairly modest Facebook presence (with only just over 600 fans and no sign of innovation at all!) and a website which is basic and uninspiring – and doesn’t showcase the billboard campaign anywhere!

Still, great to see another example of innovative use of billboards as part of an integrated campaign. I foresee much more of this in the future.

2. AMREF – Status of Africa 2011

I handed over my Facebook status updates to a stranger this week. Like many others I was impressed with the approach AMREF (African Medical Research Foundation) has taken with their latest campaign ‘Status of Africa’, and signed up for their Facebook app which allows them to take over 2 of your status updates per day for 5 days and hand them over to one of their participating African mothers, grandmothers or midwives. This ties in with Mothers Day in the UK on 3rd April, with the main aim to highlight the differences in our societies and opportunities, in particular for women and children. They are running a similar thing on Twitter too.

According to their website:

It’s these women who are the beating hearts of their communities, providing strength for their families through the highs, lows, frustrations and joys. However, their voices are rarely heard, so with this simple gesture of lending their status, users can provide them with a mouthpiece to tell people what it’s really like to be a mother in Africa.

Whilst I guess only a charitable cause such as this could get away with such a bold campaign choice, and actually have people sign up and take part, I think it is a really great example of how to use social networking in order to quickly spread your message. No doubt my friends will be intrigued when my status is updated by an African midwife and I think will be more inclined to click-through than if I had simply ‘shared’ something from the AMREF wall.

This is actually the second time they have run this campaign so it must have had positive feedback and met some of their expectations and objectives last year (couldn’t find any actual stats on how successful it was however).

It’s a shame that a couple of elements were not working when I checked – the ability to change your profile picture to that of your selected African spokesperson, and the ‘invite your friends to take part’ function – however, they will hopefully sort things out quickly and build on the current disappointingly low number of fans they have to their main Facebook page. Some things just deserve to do well….

3. Carlsberg – Unbottle yourself

Personally, I had no idea that people from Sweden needed more help than anyone else in the World to ‘let themselves go’! However, according to Carlsberg, they are the most ‘reserved’ nation in the World and therefore need their help to ‘Unbottle themselves’.

This help comes in the form of a campaign website and mobile app which have 500 challenges, such as:

  • Pretend to be a tour guide on a bus
  • Speak with a French accent to the next person who calls you on the phone
  • Approach tourists and claim to be a famous Swede

You get the general idea…..

Each mission will give you points when completed – you can either self-approve or upload a picture or video for automatic approval (not sure how this works?). ‘Gold’ challenges will give you daily rewards such as ipads and phones. You can also challenge your friends via social networks to take part in particular missions.

The 10 people with the most points at the end of the competition will be given a place in the final, from which the winner will be given 2 ‘golden’ tickets to the ‘party of their lives’ in Hong Kong.

Nice idea (although the ‘policing’ of it must be a nightmare!), and the campaign site offers lots of amusing video examples to help get you inspired. No obvious homepage push from the main Swedish website, which is a shame. However, there are Facebook and Twitter tie-ins.

Just incase you are interested – you can take part if you are not a Swede….you just won’t win anything!

4. Skittles – Touch:Cat

This speaks for itself I think….

How disturbing?????!!!!!!!!! (sorry to put you through that, hope you don’t feel too violated!). You can view the full range of ‘Touch’ campaign video’s on YouTube.

This weeks digital campaign chatter #5

Lets take a look at which digital campaigns have been talked about the most this week….

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1. Comic Relief – Red Nose Day

I couldn’t exactly write a weekly digital campaign chatter on red nose day and NOT mention what they’ve been ‘digitally’ up to now could I!?

As you would imagine, the campaign to drive awareness to todays activities has been big news, but it seems this time, all for the right reasons. They’ve done a great job this year.

Whether you like it or not, celebrity twitter stalking is popular, with (some very sad) people desperate to find out what their fave rockstar or TV belle is eating for breakfast or just generally doing at every minute of every day. Comic Relief have jumped on this opportunity and taken it one step further, allowing people to bid (via eBay) for the privilege of having one of over 100 celebrities follow YOU. They will also retweet one of your tweets and send out your @name so that all their stalkers can start stalking you too. I guess if you were a company or organisation this could be a real opportunity to get your name out there to the masses (albeit the celebrity stalking masses….)

The slightly mad comedian Rufus Hound definitely deserves a special mention for taking things one step further and also committing to tattooing the name of the winning bidder on his leg! Bids were up to £7600 for this last time I checked.

A dedicated hashtag #twitrelief has been set up for the campaign, and every day at 10am more celebrity ‘extras’ are being announced via Twitter.

As well as a website packed with great and well-positioned content, such as fundraising tips, games and of course the stories behind what they are raising the money for, the campaign Facebook page promotes everything that it going on, as well as letting you do a red nose day ‘makeover’ on a photo of yourself which you can then use as your profile picture (yes, that is my ugly mutt on the example above!). It is a nicely put together, simple Facebook app, which will no doubt help them to spread awareness of their page, and therefore their activities and fund-raising efforts.

Love it or hate it, it’s true that this event raises a phenomenal amount of money for worthy causes. In my opinion, their online efforts this year reflect how much the organisation has matured and developed, whilst still staying true to the cause. So, go and donate, and help them out a little! They deserve it!

2. Guinness – St. Patrick’s Day

The 17th March, otherwise known as St Patrick’s Day, must double (if not treble) the sales of Guinness for the year! Over the last few years the brand has done a fantastic job of helping to build this event into something which is celebrated more than any other patron-saint day, and enjoyed by millions Worldwide. So, what more could they do with digital to build on what must already be a strong brand presence?

The answer, it seems, is that they can pour you a virtual beer. Via their Facebook page, you can launch an app which will pour you a beer and personalise the glass with your name. You can also send a virtual beer to a mate.

Even though the app is nicely put together and quite simple to use, I’m just not sure that it’s enough to create the viral effect which they were obviously after. The poor number of ‘likes’ considering the popularity of St Paddy’s Day would seem to reflect this too.

The GB Guinness Facebook page appears to have done a better job of things. Building on the ‘friendly’ brand message, you can get a free beer for a mate simply by helping them to spread the word. You can also use their event management tool to create invitations to a St. Patrick’s Day party, see where events are taking place near you, and make a pledge to do something ‘friendly’ on the #friendliestdayofthe year.

Still a surprisingly low amount of ‘likes’ though, considering how much hype there is usually around this day? Somewhere along the way, whether that be in the concepts themselves or in the lack of cross-promotion of the campaign with offline and TV, they have missed out a vital piece of the campaign-pie, and in doing so have missed a fantastic opportunity.

One last word – their global brand consistency is terrible! Even their various Facebook pages have a different look and feel! Perhaps some joined-up-thinking and better communication could have helped them make more of an online success of things? If this would have made more of a difference to sales on the day and overall brand loyalty, one can only guess (but my guess would be a ‘yes’).

3. Adidas – All in

This week saw the launch of Adidas’s biggest campaign to-date. The global project will be aligning all sub-brands for the first time in an effort to offer consumers a ‘complete brand experience’.

The TV ad brings together various celebrities from the world of music and sport – the full version can only be viewed online via the website, Facebook page and YouTube channel – and appears to be the central point for this, their most expensive campaign to date.

Apparently this is all aimed at attracting a younger audience (14-19) and will be backed up with various competitions and bonus content throughout the next year. Are they doing as good a job as Nike or Puma? Looks like most of their spend has gone on Katy Perry and David Beckham to me, and not on innovation and creating something unique. Surely this age group are about more than just aspiring to be like their idols?