My Story

Global Digital Marketing Strategist currently working for Lionbridge, with a passion for people, creativity and innovation,  but most of all, my family.

Some of the companies I have worked with:

  • Mars
  • Xbox
  • Oracle
  • Disney
  • Motorola
  • BA
  • Volvo
  • Nikon
  • Intel
  • JCB
  • InterfaceFLOR

A bit more detail:

An experienced marketing professional that has worked within the digital space since 1997 (yes, I am that old).

I focus on strategy, in particular in relation to global digital activities, looking at processes and implementation across all platforms.

Eventually my path brought me to Lionbridge – the largest Global Marketing Operations company in the World, with over 100k people and an amazing client list that most would envy. I dig deeper into our clients strategic needs, and look for global solutions to help them with their marketing pains. I am very lucky to work with an amazing team of super talented people.

Most importantly I am a mum to 2 gorgeous (I would say that) kids who complain constantly about my working too much and not doing more with them (they are probably right…..).


Emma Durant and son

My gorgeous son and I

Emma Durant and daughter

My beautiful daughter and I

3 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Hi Emma,
    I think we could work well together.
    We mirror what your thoughts are…and we do branding and brand design very well indeed.
    Let’s talk?
    Ian Wood

  2. Hi Emma,

    I’ve really enjoyed your article. Unfortunately it’s made me realise that my company are about 10yrs behind UK Digital Marketing trends. We’re a Motor Group located just outside Dublin, Ireland with some well known car brands. We’re in the process of embracing everything digital however it’s hard to know where to start as there seems to be merit in embracing all digital channels. What could we be doing in the short – medium term with a restrictive budget to make sure that we don’t get left behind?

    Richard McDonald

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your comment. I would say in the short term the most important thing that you could invest in would be customer research. I know it sounds crazy to say, but without that knowledge you are just shooting in the dark. Start with existing customers and look at how they perceive your brand, where they go online, what platforms they use (e.g. mobile) to look at digital content. What are their favourite online brands and why? Then start looking at the groups of people you are targeting and try to find out the same (if you can). Use some online brand research tools, such as Radian6, to look at key words and phrases relevant to your business in order to find out who the main influencers are online in these areas. You can localise these searches by region and language too. So, for example, you might use a car brand to search or just some general car terminology in order to find out who the key influencers are within the car-lovers category, or if you are aiming at parents you could use ‘children’ or ‘parenting’ to find out who the main people are who are influencing people in this area. Then you can start engaging in a conversation with them and sending them information about what you do directly which is targeted to that group of people. Join in the conversations – quite time consuming but worth it!

      You don’t need to start off with amazing Facebook pages (for example) to start this process, and it will pay off much quicker. Just make sure that your website looks good, is simple to use, and takes into account all that you have learnt from your research into customers requirements and likes/dislikes, so that whoever you target with content online has somewhere to look for more info if they need to.

      Starting a corporate blog is a really good idea, but make sure to set a content plan for it beforehand which again matches what you have found out re your customers preferences. Set a corporate ‘tone of voice’ which matches your brand too.

      Take a look at for some great ideas on how to make a start on things.

      Good luck!


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