Ariel Facebook campaign linked with an offline ‘squirt’

Saatchi & Saatchi came up with a fab idea for Proctor & Gambles latest Ariel Active campaign in Scandinavia recently. Running for a week between 29th August – 3rd September, they created a robot arm which could be powered via users on Facebook to squirt clothing with jam, chocolate, and other things which would usually be tough to wash out.

The whole thing was housed within a large glass container in the middle of the main train station in Stockholm. Anyone living in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland was able to sign up via the dedicated Facebook page, in order to direct the robot arm. If they made a direct hit on any of the clothing, it was washed there and then and sent to them in order to prove that Ariel had removed the ‘stain’.

Although this campaign has obviously received a lot of PR due to its originality, it doesn’t look like it achieved much in the way of user commitment by way of ‘likes’ to their page. They should have perhaps considered including some incentives, such as money-off vouchers, as well as additional interactive content (this easily lends itself to an online game) in order to secure any extra ‘traffic’ it created, if this was their aim. They could certainly have made more of it on their website too. For something which could have had a ton of mileage, they don’t seem to have taken it past the first few hundred yards, which is a real shame.

5 thoughts on “Ariel Facebook campaign linked with an offline ‘squirt’

    • I sure hope so! 🙂 Can’t imagine that sales was one of the direct measurements of this campaign however, otherwise my guess is that it would certainly have had vouchers or coupons included. Obviously I realise that most marketing is about sales in the end, but this seemed to have more of a ‘branding’ feel to it, even with the product being so central to the execution. Don’t you think?

  1. Hi Emma,

    October now and I’ve just seen a facebook ad for Persil.

    The ad featured a chance to win a new washing machine. I clicked through and the landing page was on Facebook. It started with a voucher for $2 off a new “black wash” product.

    Just below this was the competition to win a washing machine. To enter I had to tell them why “I love persil black wash”.

    This makes more sense than the ariel campaign – although without knowing the numbers of extra sales we are guessing.

    I have never seen this black persil before and I’m not interested enough to find out any more. I’m 100% content with my existing persil laundry powder and I would only buy something else in an emergency.

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