This weeks digital campaign chatter #18

1. Frijj – You LOL you lose

Dairycrest have come up with an amusing campaign for their milkshake brand Frijj, using ‘face recognition technology’ (i.e. your webcam) to find out how hilarious you find their choice of videos.

To celebrate the launch of 3 new flavours they have created 3 characters (1 for each flavour) and are directing people to both their Facebook page and website from the packaging in order to find out more about them, and take part in their new digital game – You LOL You Lose.

The idea is that you watch a selection of ‘amusing’ videos and try not to laugh – the game uses your webcam to determine if you have or not. Fun idea, but as you need a webcam in order to play (obviously), and they have decided not to show the videos anyway to those unfortunate enough not to have access to one (because their own laptop has died and they are using an older less able laptop in order to write their blog post….), I can’t give you any more info on how it works, or even if there are prizes involved with it! It would have been good for them to have some video evidence of the game in action, as Honda did with their ‘This unpredictable life app’ for the Jazz a while back. It would have added a nice extra element to see some participants trying not to laugh! Also, from a branding perspective, it would have helped with what they are trying to do no doubt, just by showing the videos anyway for those who don’t want to play?

The Facebook page is nice and simple and directs people to the game on the website – nothing much more to it though! That’s a lost opportunity if you ask me. I’m loving their new characters – the graphics are great – it’s a shame that they didn’t delve a little deeper into them with some animation and/or background info (other than the couple of lines that they have for each). No doubt a budget issue, but if you are going to do a campaign like this, and include packaging and outdoor ads (from September) to promote it, you may as well go for it! Feels like they have only scratched the surface of what could have been an amazing campaign.

2. HTC ChaCha – What happens when you push it?

The team at Fearlessly Frank sent me some info on their latest campaign for the HTC ChaCha mobile phone last week, a fantastic personalised Facebook app which allows you to imagine what it would be like to give up work and live life to the max.

I’m not sure how it links into what else they are doing online (or offline), but I love the personalised video it creates for you which shows you interacting with your mates on Facebook and updating them on all the amazing things you are doing (could be doing).  Given that one of the key features on the phone is the Facebook button, it makes sense to center the campaign around it. It really does get you thinking too….

Here is an example, although seeing your own personalised version is obviously a lot more powerful.

3. Guess – Using Facebook as a CRM

Not really a campaign, but I wanted to share with you the latest approach by clothing brand Guess to the wealth of information available via Facebook.

Whether you agree with it or not, Facebook offers more information on your customers and potential customers than you are likely to find anywhere else. It is also self-maintaining! Brands have been using this information for a while in order to place targeted ads on the platform to the specific people they want to see them. However, not many have been extracting this information in order to feed into their marketing strategy. Guess have decided to look at the likes and activities of its target customers in order to decide where and how to talk to them. For example, if there was a trend towards ‘liking’ a certain band, they would consider using the music in their ads and/or the band themselves in promotions such as competitions and give-aways.

Executive Vice President CIO and Strategy, Mike Relish said:

Instead of the shotgun approach of marketing we can now target our best customers – I will know from the Alert platform what those customers look like

Listening to your customers is so important, but if you use this knowledge to talk to them in the same ‘voice’ it can be so powerful. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with this approach – lets hope that they release some stats in the future on how it’s working for them.


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