This weeks digital campaign chatter #12

Real mixed-bag this week! Looking at campaigns from Visa focusing on holidays and fun, ‘Secret Society’ games from Dr Pepper, and the digital launch of the True Blood series 3 DVD. Enjoy!

1. Visa – Memory mapper

As we approach the traditional holiday season, Visa have launched an integrated campaign aimed specifically at people who enjoy to travel, which incorporates TV, digital and social media. The most interesting aspect of the campaign (in my view), is the Facebook application  – Memory Mapper.

With an integration to Google maps, the user can create their own visual ‘memories’ relating to a trip by uploading photos, video, songs, stories etc. to a specific place in the World, and then opt to share it with friends using Facebook and Twitter.

Nice concept – everyone loves to share their holiday memories! I like the social element, and the interface looks great and is really simple to use. I’m not sure how much it would make me use my Visa card more, but then I guess it’s the brand association with ‘fun and the sun (or snow!)’ which is important. You can access their latest partner offers via the app also – a nice little extra which helps to introduce some of the added benefits of being a Visacard holder.

It’s interesting to see people starting to use the tool for events other than holidays – perhaps calling for something a little more ‘joined-up’ from the Facebook offering of location and sharing tools?

2. Dr Pepper – Pepperhood

As their famous brand slogan goes “what’s the worst that can happen?” – well, setting a launch date for their new online game/competition of the 25th May, but not updating the Facebook placeholder (teaser) on that date could come close (in digital marketing terms only, of course!). When I checked on the 26th it was still ‘coming soon’ and directing you to the campaign microsite to sign up. Lets hope it’s just some teething problems….

So, what’s it all about? With the opportunity to win lots of prizes (including Pepperhood sweatshirts and games), and the ultimate prize of appearing on MTV later on in the year as the overall winner, Coke has decided to explore the slogan of its popular Dr Peppers brand, and set a series of online challenges which you need to overcome in order to be initiated into a (not so secret) ‘secret society’.

You can earn badges – and therefore the opportunity to win prizes – along the way. The real stroke of genius is in the last of the 10 challenges, which asks you to use your social networks and contacts in a kind of ‘school presidential election’ to gain the most votes (and therefore drive the most people to the campaign).

I am quite obviously not the target customer group for this campaign, so found some of the games (or ‘challenges’) quite irritating. However, overall it seems like a well thought out and produced digital effort, with strong links into social (viral) messaging and some nice incentives to take part.

First question of the initiation was how often do you drink Dr Pepper. My ‘never’ was rewarded with a coupon for a free bottle so that I could try it out. Nice touch. Difficult to say how much of this type of ‘rewarding’ and product-pushing is integrated through the whole thing, as I got fed up after I’d earned the first badge and ducked out. Like I said though, I am quite obviously NOT the target customer group…..

3. True Blood – Dig Deeper

If, like me, you loved series 3 of this popular US vampire show (much better than any Twilight-rubbish!), you may be interested to know that it is due to come out on DVD later on this month. Why talk about this on a digital marketing blog? Well, they have created a fantastic digital campaign around the launch, which encourages you to test your knowledge of the series and have an opportunity to win a True Blood-themed trip of a lifetime in the process.

Using a similar idea to Vodafones ‘Pixel Hunt’ campaign for their LG Optimus phone last year (featured in weekly chatter #10), users are encouraged to explore an image in order to find hidden clues. However, HBO have taken it even further and developed a full video ad for the DVD launch, which includes 60 hidden clues throughout. You can zoom, scroll, pause and play around with each frame on the dedicated microsite, in order to pick out and tag key people, objects and clues from series 3. It is VERY addictive – be warned!

It’s obviously aimed at people who have already watched the series, and what I find interesting is that whilst playing the game I was reminded of how great it was, as well as realising just how much I had forgotten – therefore giving me a bigger incentive to purchase.

There is also a connection with social media with the option to link to your Facebook account and share how well you are doing at finding the clues, or to tweet your progress instead. Good to see HBO sticking to their strengths – TV production – and using this in a really well-integrated digital campaign. If only they could close the gap a little more between when series 4 is shown in the US and when it is shown here in the UK. Having to wait an extra 6 months is just NOT FAIR!!


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