This weeks digital campaign chatter #11

1. Speedo – Unforgettable Swims

In an attempt to engage with consumers at a more emotional level, Speedo have just launched ‘Unforgettable Swims’ – a campaign which encourages you to share your stories of ‘favourite swims’. The integrated campaign will use digital as well as in-store and press ads, but will keep the website at its core.

Interestingly, the main Speedo UK website does not mention the campaign at all (at least, when I looked), but it is on the homepage of the international version of the site? Perhaps just an oversight. The use of Facebook also seems a little strange – with the campaign page only having 109 likes at the time I viewed, but the main Speedo International page having considerably more, and talking about the campaign just as much? Would have been a better idea to keep the one space, but integrate the campaign within it. Still, its early days yet, and this approach MAY work for them (although I’m not convinced!).

On the whole however, it’s a really nice idea. In the lead up to the Olympics, I can understand their approach and can see that making people think about swimming as an ‘experience’ as opposed to exercise (as I do!) or anything else, will no doubt have good results for them further down the line in this 3 year brand exercise. Kinda nice that they have not overtly pushed any of their products within the microsite either, which would have really put people off from the start.

2. Friskies – iPad app for cats

I think I’m gonna let the video do most of the talking about this ‘campaign’ (can you call it a campaign?).

When I first saw this, my first thought was” why would anyone let their cats paws anywhere near their iPad?!”, but actually, looking at all the publicity Purina have gained from this for their Friskies cat food brand, I think they may well have come up with a fantastic idea! Although looking at their Facebook page – which has miserably low ‘likes’ – it seems that they may have been better off putting more effort into online coupons (as that is what most of the posts seem to be asking for.)!

Check out for the full range of cat-tastic iPad fun!


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