Conducting a Global Digital Review

As part of a Global or International company, can you say that you know everything you need to know about your digital activity in each region? What’s working well? What is failing? Are the methods of measurement consistent across each region so that you can make decent comparisons? How are your SEM and SEO doing? How does digital fit in with your global branding – is it consistent?

It’s true that the larger the organisation, the harder it is to keep tabs on what is going on, and there are often more issues with communication and consistency, but getting a handle on this – no matter what your size – is a must before you embark on creating a global digital strategy.

The latest article within the Digital Marketing Strategy section continues to look at how to take a strategic approach to Global Digital Marketing. Following on from 1. Understanding your Global Customers, 2. What have you done so far?: Conducting a Global Digital Review will look at the following areas:

  1. Global website and digital inventory
  2. Regional Campaign activity
  3. Mobile activity
  4. Regional Social Media Activity
  5. Regional Digital Marketing Plans
  6. Regional SEM
  7. Measurement tools
  8. Regional content
  9. Global digital agencies and suppliers
  10. Regional team structure and skills audit
  11. Communication and information sharing

So, check it out! As always, I am happy to chat if you want to get in-touch about any of these topics to discuss further.


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