This weeks digital campaign chatter #9

Back from a lovely Easter break, and straight into stories of weddings, chocolate and sunshine! Did you miss me?

1. The Times – Royal Wedding Souvenir App

Lovely souvenir plate or cup anyone?

Whilst they are by no means sitting alone in the Royal Wedding ‘bandwagon’, I was pleasantly surprised to see that The Times have taken a different approach to their usual souvenir supplement, and have also developed an iPad app for those who wish to remember the Royal couples ‘big day’.

As you would expect, there isn’t much in the way of interactivity and innovation – the main focus on the app being the content – however, the platform has allowed them to explore the history of the couple and the Royal family in a little more depth, giving much more background, video content and imagery than they would perhaps have invested in for a printed version.

As they say in their promotion video (above) “it won’t go yellow and curl at the corners” either! However, it is likely to get deleted accidentally or become obsolete as soon as the next big wave of technological advancements hits. I’m thinking of my VHS of the Live Aid event………

2. Cadburys Creme Egg – Goo Dares Wins

This multi-million pound integrated campaign, created by CMW,  launched early in the year as part of the Spots v Stripes initiative (see campaign chatter #3) and alongside the start of the Creme Egg ‘sales season’.

The most recent addition was a mobile app (launched in time for Easter!) which allowed you to choose and participate in various ‘dares’ that gave you points towards your chosen side of ‘spots’ or ‘stripes’, as well as the fame of uploading your efforts onto the main campaign website should you want to.The focus is obviously on ‘fun’, and the app reflects this with its spinnable ‘Dare Wheel’ and burping ringtones. You can also send a dare to a friend (it’s always more fun watching someone else do something stupid!) – nice and viral!

Creme Egg facemask anyone? Or fancy making a picture out of Creme Egg goo, dressing up as a fairy, or making a dance up with your mates in the middle of town for all to see and laugh at?

The campaign season finished on the 24th April, after Easter, but you can still access the content and have a laugh at some of the uploaded stunts on the campaign ‘headquarters’ website.

No results yet on how well the campaign did, but lets hope that it’s more successful for them than the overall Spots v Stripes initiative has been!

3. Budweiser – Ice Cold Index

If, like me, you’ve been enjoying the un-British sunny weather we’ve had over the past few weeks, you’ll appreciate the latest app by Budweiser which gives away free beer when the temperatures rise. Genius!

The Ice Cold Index App, developed by DDB UK, has links with over 2500 Bud-selling premises across Ireland, and should the temperature rise above 20 degrees, the app will give you a free pint at one of them.  You’ll also get money off vouchers if it doesn’t quite make 20, but is 16 or above – the hotter the day, the less you’ll pay!

Seems simple enough to use, and the overall response so far has been great (no doubt helped by the TV, print and point-of-sale support). So great infact, that at the time of writing this they have had to pull the app in order to sort out some serious server issues, even though the campaign doesn’t end until August! Not good.

Still, free (or cheap) beer is always worth waiting for!

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