Webby awards: website nominations

The Webby awards are looming and the nominations have been revealed. Here are a few of the contenders within the best website categories.

It’s hard to separate your emotional response to a particular cause from the execution of the website when looking at the Activism category nominations, but noticeably the major charities and organisations don’t seem to be in the shortlist this year. There were a couple missing who I believe should have been included (Save the Children in particular), however check out REDU

Beautifully created website, but more importantly in my opinion is its great integration with other digital channels and activities. Lovely introduction video too.

Conservation International is also a strong contender in this category. Their ‘save a mile’ online presentation is beautifully done, with a great concept behind it. Not much in the way of integration to other channels, but in terms of its website as a stand-alone, you can see why it has been nominated.

I always think you should forget about SEO and usability when looking at websites falling within the Art category – see them more as a digital ‘work of art’ rather than anything really functional. However, it is sometimes the case that their use of the medium to create something which is both stunning and playful is something that the more ‘traditional’ or commercial websites could learn a thing or two from!

The RootsXDouglasCoupland website is a lovely example of this. The intro and build may not do them many favours with regards search engine referrals, but it is indeed a pleasure to watch. Infact, the entire website is a joy to interact with.

Aveda Colour Karma, in the Beauty and Cosmetics category is an interesting nomination within the ‘websites’ arena, given that it was the overall campaign and Facebook app, which predicted your future depending on what colour you choose to dye your hair, which made them stand out, rather than the website itself. However, it does have some nice elements which are worth checking out.

It’s easy to see why Ben The Bodyguard is up for best homepage, however. The unique design approach, which shows the main ‘character’ walking down a street and conversing with you about the importance of security for your passwords, photos and other personal data, really does make this site stand out from the crowd.

The Monet 2010 website – up for Best Visual website design and Cultural Institution website – is a beautiful example of how to create an interactive online experience. The paintings are brought alive within a digital journey which enables the user to participate via their webcam. Stunning (if you like the paintings or not!). A great use of digital media.

Great to see Lonely Planet nominated within the Travel category, if not just for their fantastic and engaging content. Likewise, really chuffed that 1000 memories has been nominated within the Social Media category. The website enables people to share memories, anecdotes, photographs and video of loved ones after they have died, in a really simple and easy to use design. Such a great idea.

You can view the full list of website nominations within all the categories here. Let me know what you think – any stand out for you, or are missing that you think should have been included?


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