This weeks digital campaign chatter #3

There were lots to choose from this week, but here are my pick of the most talked about digital marketing campaigns from the past 7 days.

(disclaimer – that doesn’t mean that I think they are the BEST campaigns, just that you will find them interesting!)

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1. BT – the 2nd biggest wedding of the year

Although this campaign idea is very cheesy, it has been executed nicely, the concept being that the long-running characters from BT’s TV ads – Adam & Jane – are getting married. Thanks to the early arrival of their baby, it seems that Jane needs some help with the organisation of the ‘big day’. Crowdsourcing? Well, kind of…..

Using their Facebook page as the main campaign platform, and some nicely produced videos, you can vote for your favourite dress, first dance song choice, or wedding car.

By taking part in the voting, the user could also win the chance to be there for the creation of the ‘wedding’ ad, due to be screened in April to coincide with…you guessed it….the Royals getting hitched. Riding on the back of the nations predicted wedding fever it seems!

It’s not the first time that BT have asked for the publics opinions on how this couples lives should develop – last year saw them use a similar campaign to decide if Jane should get pregnant or not. Both are good examples of integrated marketing across both online and offline platforms.

I still prefer the Gold Blend couple personally, but maybe that’s just an age thing!

2. Cadburys – Race Season

Cadbury’s latest campaign – Race Season – launched on 29th Feb, with a whopping overall investment of £6.5 million.

The integrated campaign includes TV and community events as well as digital, and encourages users to take part in everyday challenges in order to try to set new world records for how fast you can do them, as well as earn extra points for your team. Un-rolling a toilet roll, or making a bed are amongst the handful of fun tasks you can take part in. You can upload videos of your own attempts, and for certain challenges, such as ‘the fastest clicker’ actually take part in them online.

As part of their larger ‘Spots v Stripes’ initiative which kicked off early 2010, participants are asked to take sides before embarking on their challenge, and there are even separate Facebook groups set up for both teams to really get the competitive juices flowing!

The main site homepage displays which team is in the lead at any given time, giving you all sorts of opportunities and ways of pushing your team back in front should you have backed the losing side. Also cleverly enticing you to access the campaign more and more in order to make sure that you stay on top!

They obviously have the budget to put some serious online promotion behind the campaign, which was developed by Fallon, as well as pushing it via their TV ad spots. Great idea and execution though, and ties in really well with the run up to the London Olympics.

3. Coca-Cola – song inspired by fans

In an attempt to get more in touch with teen consumers and hit their 2020 company vision of more than doubling their revenue to $200 billion globally, Coca-Cola have hooked up with  Maroon5 to create a campaign which will see users help the band to write and create a new song within a 24hr period on March 22nd.

Whilst driven by the main microsite, the campaign also has very strong links with both Facebook and Twitter, starting by sending event invitations out to their 22million plus Facebook fans –  a really obvious and simple thing to do, but something which is often forgotten about.

Participants will be able to help inspire the band during the day, by sending them photos, lyrics, comments etc., resulting in a song which will later be ‘shared with the World’.

This campaign spearheads the new music initiative – Coca-Cola Music – again, aimed at the teen market, which will allow fans to see more behind-the-scenes info on the creation of music, as well as access to view leading artists at work.

4. Nursery  & Garden Industry of Australia – Plant/Life Balance

This is a great campaign for the Nursery & Garden Industry of Australia, which began with them giving away 20,000 plants at major train stations across the country to kick things off, and has been getting lots of thumbs up from digital marketing bods around the World over the past couple of weeks.

The nicely designed Facebook app lets you match yourself with the perfect plant for you, teaches you  how to take care of it in a fun and engaging way, and encourages you via competitions, content and interaction to take part in a 12-week challenge. Your plant will even get its own Facebook page! Love it.


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