Puma: Celebrating darts & drunken pool

You don’t get much more integrated than this! The ‘Puma Social’ campaign seems to have it all – website, app, in-store posters, social integration AND branded Puma Social clothing! The only thing I can’t seem to find is a massive presence on Facebook, but they more than make up for that by the community they are building up on their own site and offline in bars across the Globe. You can, of course, still share the campaign via Facebook if you want to, and in doing so will confess to all your friends your preference for beer related sport (such as darts, pool and running after taxi’s in the early hours) as opposed to gym related ‘real’ sport.

The campaign celebrates the ‘Afterhours Athlete’ aka the young and reckless (remember those days?). The beautifully designed website features great campaign video (see above example), regular content such as ‘how to play urban golf’, and ‘who’s your after hours coach?’, information on the offline social events taking place in bars and student hang-outs on a regular basis worldwide, and (of course) links to the new clothing and accessories which have been created alongside the campaign.

The mobile and online Life Scoreboard app allows you to create competitions and keep a running score on anything and everything you want to turn into something more competitive. Nice idea – there already seem to be quite a few amateur football ones created by the community, although the ‘cat vs dog’ one did make me smile (there must be a story behind that one!).

PUMA pioneered the idea of SportLifestyle and built our brand on having fun,” says Antonio Bertone, PUMA Chief Marketing Officer. “With the launch of PUMA Social, we are honoring groups of friends who know the joy of playing sports at the bar rather than at the gym. The campaign shuns the serious nature of organized sports and celebrates social sports that are timeless and authentic.”

I really like this campaign. The branding is strong and the overall concept has been delivered nicely. Shame that the whole thing makes me realise how old I am though!


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