The Feed, Orange: Animating your love stories

The Feed, which appears to be worked on by the great team at Poke London, is Orange’s consumer blog, and a really great example of how to keep something fresh and engaging. Each week it offers great competitions or give-aways which are created to generate buzz and social activity and are guaranteed to keep people interested and engaged with the brand.

This week they have picked up on the Valentines theme and are offering to animate your love story. By tweeting your story with the #feedlovestories hashtag you could get a unique animation by Tom Judd and Ed Barrett to send to your loved one. Great idea!

The investment behind this blog in terms of tools, design and resource is obvious. It’s just a shame that they have not utilised Orange’s other assets to push it a little more. Perhaps the remit is for it to grow organically? Either way, my personal favourite activity from The Feed was their #winterwarmer campaign which ran a couple of weeks ago, during which they reacted to tweets using the #winterwarmer hashtag to send hot chocolate and scarves to ‘cold’ people in certain key cities around the country. I didn’t get one personally, but I’m sure if I would have done there would have been some nice positive tweets from me about Orange. I wonder if they’ll give me something for blogging about them?……….hint hint


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