Digital marketing tips from vampires and werewolves

I have a confession to make – I have become one of the TV-Vampire-watching many. I’m not talking about any of this Twilight rubbish though! Oh no! I am a ‘Being Human’ groupie and I am not afraid to admit it.

The amazing BBC show which features a Vampire, Werewolf and a ghost trying to fit into society and ‘be human’ started its new series a couple of weeks back, and I am already hooked  and counting down the days till I can watch the next installment. This time however, it is not just the pure genius of the writing or the cast which has impressed me, but also the inspired online activity.

Additional online content for TV shows is not a new thing, but the team behind ‘Being Human’ have raised the bar this time! So much so, I actually think that there is a lot us marketing people could learn from their approach and engagement tactics.

Their Facebook page is great and really well-managed, with content ranging from countdowns and event invitations to watch the shows (e.g.” just 20 minutes to go till the next episode”), to sneak previews, behind the scene footage for each episode, trailers, and links to their amazing blog.  Crucially, it appears to be managed 24/7 , with posts also on a Sunday (the day of the show).

They have also created an online spin-off called ‘becoming human’ which picks up the story of a teenage boy vampire character introduced in the second episode of the new series. These online episodes are supported with ‘clues’ to the mystery as it is unravelled, so far in the form of character profiles and mobile phone videos. These are really nice extras which keep you interested and engaged in the 7 days between shows.

So, what can us digital marketing people learn from their efforts?

  • that you should use digital to create an extra depth to your brand, which your target consumers can interact with
  • that you should create a ‘buzz’ BEFORE your campaigns go live by generating sneak previews, countdowns and invitations
  • that the quality of your online videos should be as good as the work you do for TV
  • that you should keep a diary – especially a visual one – of all campaigns as they are produced. People love ‘making of’ content, and it can help to keep you ‘real’ in the eyes of your customers
  • that you need to keep things fresh and interesting at ALL times, and not just ‘post and run’
  • that you need a plan – I’m sure the Being Human team has a content schedule for their online work which takes them throughout the period of the series and beyond

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