Is your brand living up to expectations online?

A recent study conducted by Lightspeed Research on behalf of IAB’s UK Social Media Council has brought out some interesting results. We all know how important customer engagement is now, and having a strong content and communication strategy in place really is key to being successful, but the expectations of consumers with regards speed of response to a complaint or question (for example) highlights how much brands need to invest in dedicated teams to deal with this area.

Some key facts which came out of the research (conducted with 1000 people):

  • Most people log in to social networks throughout the day, although 43% check social networks before bed, and one in five check them when they wake up.
  • Most respondents make complaints via a website (44%) or by phone (26%)
  • Those who lodged a complaint online were asked how quickly they would expect a brand to get back to them. For all options, within a day was the most common answer.
  • Being professional and friendly are the two characteristics respondents most want in a brand to have in their advertising and communications

The results concerning the brand characteristics consumers would prefer to see in their online advertising and communication, confirm the need to have real people with an in-depth understanding of your business, brands and strategic goals, managing your accounts.

In my experience, either a dedicated in-house team or a smaller outsourced team who work very closely with your business and have worked with you to develop the communication plan and content strategy, work best at this for obvious reasons. You can’t just outsource and ‘forget about it’. You need to invest time and resource into making it a success, the end result being strong consumer engagement and a more positive brand image.

For a more in-depth look, you can download the full report here (linked from their homepage).


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