Microsoft Surface 2.0 – how will it change things?

I don’t usually write about technology, but I couldn’t resist sharing this video from Microsoft about their new Surface 2.0 platform. Whilst the idea is not new, it seems that we are certainly getting closer to the ‘Minority Report’ impression of user interaction with technology than ever before, and what interests me is how this is going to change things.

The examples shown in the video are well-selected – you can instantly see how having such technology available in certain retail situations will help with customer engagement and the overall sales process.  You can also see how in other situations, such as at the doctors, you could quickly access and view information which may otherwise be more difficult to access and share (although I can’t see the NHS in the UK adopting this approach anytime soon!).

What does this mean for marketing? Touch technology becoming more widespread will undoubtedly mean that the design of digital content needs to change and usability testing will become even more crucial. We have already seen this somewhat with the growing use of tablets such as the iPad, but it really is just the tip of the iceberg! Add into the mix the recognition of objects and you have a whole new World of personalisation possibilities (as well as build,design & usability nightmares!) to work with. It’s going to be fun!


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