Coca Cola – Expedition 206

Tagged as the ‘largest Social Media project ever’, Coca Cola has recently wrapped up its Expedition 206 campaign, which sent 3 people (voted for by the masses) to 206 Countries around the World (where their products are sold) in search of happiness.  The entire trip was of course documented with posts on the official website, pictures and videos of the small teams exploits.

Conceptualised in Atlanta, US, the company saw the overall project as a Global initiative and one which depended on the local markets getting on board. In many cases, it was the first time some regions had worked within the online marketing arena, and they claim that the “unique way in which each market went about it…” contributed to the overall success of the campaign.

So, what exactly do they mean by success, and how did they track it? Cleverly working with influential bloggers in certain regions the project has managed to increase local engagement online, in particular via Facebook, in countries such as New Zealand and Argentina. However, the figures on the official Twitter and YouTube accounts are very low, which some would see as an area of concern. The company have responded to this by saying that in several regions new local accounts were set up for the project and promoted rather than the main accounts. Should they have had a stronger hold on their local teams therefore to keep consistency? Possibly. However, one of their measures of success has been an internal one. They wanted to create a campaign which would encourage their Global Marketing Teams to truly adopt Social Media and to start engaging with people online, and it seems that in that sense it was a success. I like the fact that they are being open and honest about that, and that for once an internal metric has been added to the success factors.


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