Predictions 2011 part 2: Integrated Marketing

There is a lot of talk about Social Media being one of the top marketing ‘trends’ of next year, but in reality, companies are not going to look at this on its own, and it is nothing new!  It is more likely that it will be added into the marketing mix and approached differently.  My prediction is that 2011 will see more people realise that integration and cross-platform campaigns are the key to online digital marketing success.

What does that mean? In reality it means that people have to think more about how their internal marketing teams function to ensure that online, offline, PR and branding all work together from concept stage right through to execution and measurement. They need to make sure that they have platform and technical ‘innovation’ experts on call also, so that they can fully exploit all possibilities and be aware of developing platforms and applications early in the game. Internal communication and cooperation will be more important than ever, which is why larger companies will continue to struggle and small will continue to lead with innovation and creativity (fewer people involved with the decisions and execution!).

Although it doesn’t look at communication within separate teams, a study by Econsultancy in October shows how far most companies are away from the ideal  integrated marketing structure:

With an expected shift in marketing budgets towards more ‘digital’, I expect that people are going to have to think seriously about how this affects team structures and skills, which I think will make the output a lot more interesting!


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