Lloyds TSB launch new competition on Facebook

If, like me, the music which goes along with the animated TV ads for Lloyds TSB gets right under your skin, then you are unlikely to want to take part in the next ad in the shape of a little cartoon ‘you’!  However, I thought this campaign was worth writing about, as you don’t tend to see much social media marketing from the banking sector, and this one is actually quite nicely done.

The idea of the LloydsTSBMe campaign is that you can create an animated character, in the same style as the ones from the TV ads, and enter it into a competition to be part of the next actual advertisement.  By taking part and adding your creation to the gallery, you will also post to your wall and encourage your Facebook mates to vote for you and/or take part themselves. You can of course download the image and use it as your profile picture etc. also.

Nice little branding exercise. Interestingly, they have chosen not to push any of their personal banking products via their Facebook page. Some would say that this is a missed opportunity, but I kinda like the idea that they are keeping it simple and purely focused on the competition and strengthening the brand style adopted by the TV campaigns over the past few years. I’m guessing the push of products will come at a later date once the winner is selected.


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