London Museum – viewing the past via future technologies

The Epica 2010 winners were announced on the 26th November, and I have just been taking another look at their work. As usual there is some real creative talent – which is after all, what the awards are all about.  It has been a particularly good year for Brits too, with M&C Saatchi and Aardman Animations amongst the many to come away with awards.

Brothers & Sisters also scooped an award for their Streetmuseum iPhone app, which was created for the Museum of London. Such a simple, lovely idea which is executed in a great way. Whilst I’ve not actually had chance to use it in London myself yet, the idea of having an app on my phone when I am visiting an unfamiliar city which can tell me something about the history of the place, as well as overlaying images from days long gone, is just great! Either by selecting a destination from the map, or by using my GPS to locate an image nearby, I can hold my phone up and see things as they would have been.

My guess is that within the next year, most major cities will have something similar – if not with a historical reference, then certainly something which can give more background information about key landmarks (video interviews with the creators or experts  perhaps?). You could even open it up a little more to make it more of a community, with the ability to share information. I have lots of pictures of the Hacienda in Manchester circa late 80’s which some of the flat-dwellers now living in its ashes might find interesting. Perhaps not the puking party-goers in the foreground though……


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