22 Swedish Digital Students make a Global impact

I’m loving this, and can’t believe that I’ve only just hit upon it even though it all kicked off in May! 22 Swedish Digital Students from Berghs School of Communication came up with this fantastic idea as a way to showcase both themselves and their college.

The live piece of artwork was built using the pictures of people who retweeted- and the more followers you had the larger the space you would take up in it. The whole project was called ‘Don’t tell Ashton’ as at the time the main-man of Twitter would have been one of the only people who could have filled the frame on his own given his staggering amount of followers.

What I really love about this is how simple the idea is. Although the ‘Artwork’ itself is not that pretty (in my opinion), within a week they had reached millions of people and gone global. Within a couple of weeks they were hitting the top of the creative and digital charts, and by the end of the whole campaign the 22 students ended up with great jobs at some of the Worlds top agencies. The course which they were on also had masses of interest spread across 14 countries.


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