England 2018 ramp up their bid for success

With not long to go before the final decision, I thought I would check out the England 2018 Football World Cup bid to see how it has been executed online. What I found was a fantastically thought-out cross-channel campaign with a real focus on the supporter, and with the kind of passion we have in this country for football, I can’t think of a better thing to make the key focus!

It has all the right ingredients for a viral campaign, and they have even focused on the international support the campaign is getting online by building it into their website.

  • Facebook page
  • Campaign website, which you can sign up to and view other supporters (both celebrity and not!)
  • Twitter
  • You Tube channel with up to date and well made video diaries of the bid, including supporter video messages and interviews with the bid team
  • Widget, which includes a personalised online England shirt, which you can add to your own pages in order to entice more supporters

With the nations love for football on their side, you could say that this would be a campaign hard NOT to make viral when looking for online support. However, I think they have done an excellent job.

Looking forward to us hosting in 2018! We will win. Oh yes. We will.


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