Yeo Valley – Rapping farmers

I thought I had seen the last of ‘rapping ads’ in the mid 90’s, but this time Yeo Valley have resurrected the style for comedy purposes (or at least I hope that’s what the aim was!), with their new £5m integrated marketing campaign, aimed at ‘Changing the face of organic food’.

The overall campaign includes TV ads, a branded YouTube channel and an interactive website. There is also a social media campaign using Twitter and Facebook which enables people to interact with the brand. Certainly a new direction for the family run business, but one which I am sure will meet the requirements of communicating their brand values. You can even buy the rap on iTunes if you really want to (not something I’ll be doing personally!).

It would be interesting to find out how they are going to measure the success of the campaign and if the return on such a massive investment is worthwhile?

There is quite a good ‘making of’ video’ below which gives a little more background to their thinking around the overall campaign.


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