Vodafone – where are you?

Love this video from Vodafone which was created as part of their ‘Power to you’ branding campaign.

They dropped the ‘Make the most of now’ global slogan last year and replaced it with ‘Power to you’ as part of their shift in direction and to support the launch of their 360 product. The new slogan reflects their drive to switch mobile users to smartphones instead of feature phones. It’s no longer just about what the phone can do, but what you can do with the phone (including any apps which could change the way you do and see things on a day to day).

The campaign was launched globally across 8 regions and developed by Santo, with Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) working on elements in the UK. It looks like they developed the global theme and then localised it, which is exactly the right way to go. In regions where smartphones are less widely used, different messages will be adopted, such as ’empowering the consumer’.

Global Brand Director, David Wheldon, is quoted as saying ‘the UK has moved beyond the Beckham era, and will not feature celebrity brand ambassadors’. I have to say, although the thought of a ‘Beckham era’ made me chuckle, I can see where he is coming from. The way marketing has evolved, and particularly online, has proved that a famous face is no longer all you need. The more strategic and creative targeted campaigns which are developed out of a real knowledge of the audience, an understanding of the brand values, and the right placement or mechanism, are far more valuable and show better ROI.


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