Skoda – how mean are you?

What a brilliant idea! To support their tv ad campaign which initially showed a car being made out of cake and icing by a bunch of bakers, and was then followed up by their ‘made of meaner stuff’ version (currently showing) where bikers and vikings create a much ‘nastier’ version of a car, Skoda have launched a Facebook competition to see just how mean or nice you are. Looking at the month previous to Nov 1st to avoid any obvious bullying just to impress the ‘judges’, Skoda will rate how many ‘likes’ you posted, birthday messages you sent, friends you deleted, and so on and so on….and the meanest and nicest Facebook users who enter will win a car. (Apparantley I have 201 ‘lovely’ points which means I am more suited for the Fabia). You can boost your points and increase your chances of winning by inviting your Facebook mates to also take part and say how nice you are. Very viral! Just a truly wonderful idea, but then I would say that wouldn’t I, what with me being so ‘nice’ and all that……;-)


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