BA FacetoFace campaign 2010

After  a successful campaign last year, British Airways have decided to run their FacetoFace online campaign again this year. Targeting small business, they invite people to pitch their business online and say why the 10 free flights they could win would help them grow. The top 250 entrants will be flown to London for a business networking event, and the top 3 will pitch in person to a specialist panel where the winner will be rewarded with 10 flights to anywhere in the World so they can conduct their business meetings in person.

This video introduces the concept and interviews the successful businesses from 2009

Users of the microsite can vote for their favourite pitch, as well as meet fellow small business owners and experts on business development. The campaign is also supported by a Twitter account, which gives general business advice, as well as a Facebook community.

What’s great:

  • They are taking a gamble on a campaign where the ROI is difficult to track
  • They are supporting this with tons of content and advice aimed at the small business market after realising that a bulk of their entrants last year came from this group
  • They created lots of post campaign marketing tools  – video interviews etc. – last year which have been used effectively when running a similar campaign this year
  • They are keeping up with it and keeping the content fresh
  • Introducing the ability for others to vote on the pitches
  • They feed tweets from online influencers into the microsite, and not just their own

What’s not so great:

  • The overall design of the microsite is not very inspiring
  • The video’s are a little too long – they could do with a shorter and more inspirational video introduction to the overall campaign
  • The impact on the planet!!! (lets all fly more and increase our carbon footprints!)

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