Lego – building on their brand

What is it about Lego? When it comes down to it, we’re talking about small plastic bricks, but over the years the brand has become so strong and linked to much more than just creative play.

It’s been amazing to watch the use of Lego in truly inspirational stop motion films, photography and innovative contemporary art over the past few years. This is a trend which The Lego Group have been quick to embrace and ‘build’ on (sorry – couldn’t!), hence the launch of their own ‘ideas space’- Lego CL!CK. Check out this beautifully made launch video.

What I love about Lego CL!CK (launched early 2010) is that they are very clearly pitching this online campaign/community at adults, building on the themes of creativity and innovation. By developing an environment in which people can share their inspirational ideas, thoughts, videos and pictures, they can also cleverly begin to take a kind of un-official ownership of some of the amazing things which others are creating.

Although the site navigation can at times be a little confusing, it forces the user to ‘play’ and explore. Supported by a Facebook and Twitter presence, as well as an iPhone application which rebuilds your own photos from bricks, the overall concept is great, crossing several online platforms. What is slightly disappointing is that they seem to have let things slip a little. The last time they tweeted was in July, and their community posts seem to be few and far between. It will be interesting to see how things progress with this longer term. I’m hoping it wasn’t just another short-term marketing campaign which is eventually un-supported  as I really think the concept has fantastic potential and longevity.


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